Jose Update April 2011

Commander with Jose
Commander with Jose on April 5, 2011

Commander Hargreaves recently paid Jose, Elizabeth and their mother Nellie Bagley a visit while in Florida. The Commander was very warmly received and visited for a couple of hours. Jose was given his membership card, a Post license plate that was signed by all the members at the March meeting and a Post challenge coin. An additional coin will be sent with Jose’s former radio call sign of “Grantham 46” on it. Jose will also be sent a Post 122 Legion cap donated by Adjutant Al Wagner. Jose was able to hold the license plate for a photo and did not want to let it go after the photo. (See photos taken by Elizabeth)

Elizabeth and the Commander discussed opening a communication link so our members will be kept up to date concerning Jose and his family. Elizabeth requested that any communication she may have for our members be kept confidential and it will be through the “members’ only” section. Elizabeth will be given access to the members section on behalf of Jose and she and our web-master, Crystle Pishon, will contact one another to make it happen. Crystle has already taken Jose’s link off the front page. The Commander was privileged to watch Jose during two therapy sessions and Jose’s mother gave the Commander a tour of the house and all the special amenities Jose needs. As the Commander was leaving, Nellie Bagley ran outside, and took Jose’s bush hat off the front passenger seat of her vehicle and gave it to the Commander. Nellie explained the hat was always beside her in the mini-van but wanted our members to have it. The hat will be displayed at every meeting along with Jeremy’s Marine and Police Campaign Covers.