October 2014 Newsletter

There were eight members at the meeting on September 24, 2014.  Past Adjutant and Past Service Officer Al Wagner’s wife, Barbara, was also in attendance.  Adjutant/ Finance Officer Ned brooks read the minutes from the previous meeting which were accepted.  Ned also reported  $7,155.22 in the checking account.

We discussed supporting a young man or young woman for Boys and/or Girls State.  A committee was formed to choose which one the Post would sponsor.  Those on the committee are Judge Advocate Dennis O’Brien, Past Finance Officer Nick Pishon and Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks.  The four communities that will be considered first are Sugar Hill in honor of member and former Sugar Hill Chief Jose Pequeno,  Epsom and Hillsborough in honor of Jeremy Charron and Concord, however the committee will be allowed to consider other communities as well.

Membership:  The latest information from State HQ is we are at 58.7 %.  Please get your membership for 2015 in before the end of the year.

Past Finance Officer Nick Pishon presented a scanned photo of an embroidered badge with our post information on it.  The Commander will check into pricing at local embroidery shops.

Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks and Judge Advocate Dennis O’Brien will attend the fall conference and leadership course on October 25th in Laconia.

We were reminded at the meeting that October is going to be a busy month for us with the following events:

  1. October 17th, Traveling Vietnam Wall in Salem at 6:30 PM
  2. October 20th,  Tractor Trailer exercise for the 165th Police Academy class at 1:00 PM
  3. October 25th (rain date 26th) Highway clean up in Epsom at 9:00 PM

There was no new information regarding Member Jose Pequeno at the time of the meeting.

However, several days after the meeting the Commander was contacted by Jose’s mom, Nellie Bagley, who advised that Jose and his family were in New Hampshire.  Mrs. Bagley made time for our members to visit Jose in Gorham on Saturday, October 12th.  A notice was put out to the members.  Past Finance Officer Nick Pishon, Commander Dave Hargreaves and Past Service Officer/Past Adjutant Al Wagner along with his wife, Barbara, traveled to Gorham and met with Jose and his family at Jose’s father’s house.  We were very warmly received and Jose is looking very fit and alert.  Jose is responding to his surroundings verbally although he is not able to speak.

DSCN0322 DSCN0318


Among the members that visited the Vietnam Moving Wall on October 17th was Commander Dave Hargreaves, Past Adjutant and Past Service Officer Al Wagner along with his(Al’s) wife Barbara and grandson Griffin.  (See photos)

Those who participated at the Tractor trailer Exercise on October 20th, were:

  • Member Mike Doyle,
  • Past Adjutant/Past Finance Officer Al Wagner,
  • Judge Advocate Dennis O’Brien,
  • Service Officer Roger Ball,
  • Sr. Vice Commander J. Scott Crocker and
  • Commander Dave Hargreaves.


Once again, a Great Big THANK YOU to the Owner/President of New Hampshire Peterbilt, Bob Gentry for providing a brand new, fully dressed Peterbilt road tractor and Sullivan Tire for the use of a semi trailer.

There was a very low turn out for the road side clean up in Epsom on October 25th.  Only four members responded, they were:

  • Past Adjutant/Past Service Officer Al Wagner,
  • Past Finance Officer Nick Pishon,
  • Sgt. at Arms Jim Nye and
  • Commander Dave Hargreaves.

Seventeen bags were collected in about three and a half hours.  We have completed with detail in the past with more members participating in less than half the time.

DSCN0335 DSCN0342 DSCN0338


Historian Bernie Ruchin would like to inform the members of a veteran who is collecting Veterans’ experiences.  Click here to see the document.

Attached is our annual invitation for  Officer of the year nominations.  If you are aware of anyone LE officer who may be worthy of this award, please get this flyer into the right hands.

Next Meeting is Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 7:00 PM at Police Standards in Concord.

If you have any questions, concerns or news worthy items, please feel free to contact Adjutant Ned Brooks or Commander Dave Hargreaves.