August 2015 Newsletter

There were eight members at the meeting on July 29, 2015. Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks read the minutes of the previous meeting which were accepted as read. Ned also reported $7,798.34 in the checking account. The members approved a final version of the embroidered badge and several members ordered polo style shirts. Update: The Commander recently took delivery on the shirts and will distribute them to the members, who ordered them, at the meeting on August 26th.

Members voted to reimburse Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks for paying the fee on our P.O. box and a roll of stamps.

Membership: We needed only three more members to re-up for 2015 to reach 100%.

So far this year, we are only a couple months into the recruitment drive and we already have over 50%. As usual, this is a great start but we always seem to lack those lastfew members we need to reach our goal. Please re-up for 2016 early.

While at the State Convention in June, Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned brooks and Commander Dave Hargreaves were advised we would have to move our May 2016 meeting/installation date a few weeks earlier due to the conflict with the State Convention also in May 2016. The State by laws require all posts to install their officers before the convention.

We will begin soliciting nominations for NH Law Enforcement Officer of the Year (2015) next month.


As previously reported, Past Finance Officer/Past Judge Advocate Nick Pishon and Service Officer Roger Ball presented the Charron-Legion Award to Corrections Officer Larry Cooper at the 100th Corrections Academy graduation on July 31st. Larry was a U. S. Army Chief Warrant Officer

Charrron-legionCooper100(See Photo by Elena Ball)

On August 21st, Service Officer Roger Ball and Commander Dave Hargreaves presented the Charron-Legion Award to Keene Police Officer Luke Antin at the 167th Police Academy graduation.

Luke is also in the Army and currently assigned to a national guard unit with the rank of Sergeant First Class. (See photo by Elena Ball)

charron-legion ANTIN 167

At the next meeting, we will also choose a date for the fall highway clean up.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Police Standards in Concord.