July 2015 Post

There were nine members at the meeting on June 24, 2015. Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks read the minutes from the previous meeting which were accepted. Ned also reported $6,958.34 in the checking account.

Member Jose Pequeno was in the state last month to attend his daughter’s graduation.

Members viewed a proposed embroidered badge and approved it with a minor change to the center of the Legion emblem. One more change will be proposed at the meeting on July 29th which is to change one of the American flags to a black flag with a blue stripe across the middle which is a widely recognized symbol for a police officer.

Members viewed the biography of the young lady the Post sponsored to attend Girls State; she is Kayla Faliones of Claremont. The Adjutant/Finance Officer and Commander personally sponsored Ken Andrews of Contoocook to attend Boys State.

A discussion regarding increasing membership took place and each member was asked to recruit one new member or at least invite qualified people to attend a meeting or two and check us out.

The following members participated in the most recent tractor trailer training exercise with the 167th Police Academy on June 29th. Member Mike Doyle, Past Adjutant and Past Service Officer Al Wagner,¬†Service Officer Roger Ball, Commander Dave Hargreaves and Judge Advocate Dennis O’Brien and his daughter Colleen. As usual, a great big Thank You to NH Peterbilt Owner/President Bob Gentry for donating the use of a fully loaded, brand new Peterbilt road tractor and to Sullivan Tire of Bow, NH for the use of one of their semi trailers.

(See attached photos)

Charron-Legion Award: The Commander was notified on July 27th that the 100th Corrections Academy will graduate July 31st at 2:00 PM. The recipient of the award is Corrections Officer Larry Cooper a 17 year U. S. Army Veteran.

Next meeting is Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Police Standards in Concord.