August 2020 Newsletter

We hope all are doing well and staying healthy during these trying times.


There were only six members at the parking lot meeting at the police academy on July 29, 2020.


Adjutant Al Wagner read the minutes of the previous meeting which were accepted.


Finance Officer/Judge Advocate Nick Pishon reported  $7,644.28  in the checking account.


The Law Enforcement Officer of the Year plaque was passed around so all the members could see it.


The plaque can be viewed at this next meeting.  Past Adjutant/Finance Officer Ned Brooks summitted a letter resigning from his two positions.  The letter was read to the members at the July meeting.  Ned was and still is a valuable asset to our post and has strong connections at the State level.


Membership:  As of right now we have 30 members who have re-upped.  That’s  41%  of our goal  set by National.  If you have not re-upped yet, please do.


The Commander has contacted Franklin Police Chief Dave Goldstein regarding the presentation of the Officer of the Year Award.  Chief Goldstein has suggested we present the award at an upcoming City Council meeting.  The City Council meetings are virtual for the time being and are typically held on the first Monday of the month.  Every member at the last meeting has met and/or knows Chief Goldstein and all had glowing remarks about him.  Although a date has not been set yet, anyone interested in attending the presentation with the State Commander should contact the Commander.  Members should be seeing a more detailed account of Chief Goldstein’s accomplishments in the next State Legion Newspaper.


We are still in Dire Need of a Post Service Officer and Post Historian.  If anyone one of you are willing to take these posts, please let the Commander know.


On August 6th, several members paid their last respects to Past Judge Advocate Dennis O’Brien either at the funeral home in Keene or at the Veterans’ Cemetery in Boscawen.  Those who attended were Past Senior Vice Commander Roger Amadon, Chaplain Mark Lindsley, Finance Officer/Judge Advocate Nick Pishon, Adjutant Al Wagner, Senior Vice Commander J. Scott Crocker and Commander Dave Hargreaves.


The Commander and his wife, Jan, placed the Post wreath at the Short Falls swimming area in Epsom to commemorate the passing of our Post’s name sake, Epsom Police Officer Jeremy Charron, who passed during the early morning hours of August 24th, 1997.


If anyone is in need of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact the Commander.



PLEASE NOTE:  One of our members (Jim Limpert) at the June meeting suggested a “parking lot meeting”.  Instead of a zoom meeting this Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 at 7:00PM we will be meeting out of doors in the parking lot at Police Standards and Training.  The July parking lot meeting went very well.  We will socially distance and wear face masks.  If you are experiencing any of the covid symptoms, please stay home.   We are having this meeting at PS&TC in hopes that we can get more people to attend so we can have at least a quorum of seven.   Consider bringing a lawn/ camp chair.  If it rains, we can get under cover.

Take Care and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY,



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