We Value Veterans and Law Enforcement

Officer Jeremy Charron Law Enforcement American Legion Post 122 is unique in New Hampshire. Our members are both veterans and law enforcement officers, past and present.

Jeremy Charron, our post’s namesake, was a police officer in Epsom, NH when he was tragically gunned down during a vehicle investigation. During the course of the encounter he showed exceptional dedication and courage, above and beyond the call of duty. After being shot from ambush, he continued to return fire at his assailants until he succumbed to his fatal wounds. It is with great pride and honor that this post carries his name, a tribute to an exceptional young man and promising career cut short.

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Using Jeremy as our inspiration we strive to be of service to our fellow veterans, law enforcement officers, and communities. We participate in the following activities:

  • Help the families of deployed post members and others similarly situated
  • Assist in training events at the Police Standards and Training Council Facility in Concord NH
  • Assist as needed in state patriotic and military events
  • Annual clean up of Jeremy Charron/Michael Briggs traffic circle in Epsom, NH and Route 28 in the vicinity
  • Nominate  an officer to the state and national American Legion Officer of the Year Award
  • Award the Jeremy Charron Award to a distinguished graduate of each Police  and corrections academy graduating class in NH